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Kaplan offers a number of flexible learning options–whether you want to take local classes in the heart of the Windy City or learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

For nearly 80 years Kaplan has been helping prospective law students get into top law schools like the fourth nationally ranked University of Chicago Law School.
Prep designed for you. Each student is different — different scores, schedule, learning method, etc. — Kaplan offers a number of flexible learning options to get you. Prep in the classroom, online or with a private tutor, it’s all up to you.
Want to work in big law? Graduates from the University of Chicago have an average six-figure starting salary — and a median LSAT of 170. Higher LSAT = Top School = Top Salary.

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Illinois LSAT Classes

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LSAT Testing Center Locations in Illinois

LSAT Test Center LocationJune 8, 2020July 13, 2020August 29, 2020October 3, 2020November 14, 2020
Southern Illinois UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
Eastern Illinois UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
Illinois Institute of TechnologyyesNoyesNoyes
John Marshall Law SchoolyesNoyesNoyes
Kenwood AcademyyesNoyesNoyes
Loyola University – ChicagoyesNoyesNoyes
University of Illinois at ChicagoyesNoyesNoyes
Richland Community CollegeyesNoyesNoyes
Northern Illinois UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
Northwestern UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
College of DuPageyesNoyesNoyes
Illinois CollegeyesNoyesNoyes
Western Illinois UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
Western Illinois University – Quad Cities CampusyesNoyesNoyes
Illinois State UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
Bradley UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
University of Illinois – SpringfieldyesNoyesNoyes
University of Illinois – Urbana – ChampagneyesNoyesNoyes
College of Lake County Southlake CampusyesNoyesNoyes

Law schools in Illinois

Law SchoolNat. RankAvg. LSATAccept. %Avg. Salary
University of Chicago Law School#417021.9%$160,000
Northwestern University School of Law#1216822.6%$160,000
University of Illinois College of Law#4016145.7%$79,500
Loyola University Chicago School of Law#7215354%$63,700
Chicago-Kent College of Law#8615662%$65,000
DePaul University College of Law#11115266.6%$60,000
Northern Illinois University College of Law#14414864.6%$55,000
Southern Illinois University School of LawN/A14978.6%$47,500
John Marshall Law SchoolN/A14773.2%N/A

 Rank according to U.S. News and World Report

  • Northern Illinois Law School has an average LSAT score of 148.
  • The admissions rate is 65%, making it a somewhat competitive law school.
  • The average GPA is 3.05.
  • The average starting salary of graduates in the private sector is $55,000 and in the public sector it is $50,000.
  • The admissions deadline is April 1.